Schools Online!

Schools Online's self--directed Web mentoring site.
Visit this site to find out more about how Schools Online helps schools like Mwiri to
advance in Information Technology for

The Development Education Program
Of the World Bank Institute.

Visit this site to learn more about the World Bank's programmes for Education over the Net
Uganda's Internet Portal

To get the best about Uganda on the Net.
From News to Business and Politics, they have it all.

WorLD - World Links for Development
The World Bank's Project that's concerned with assisting schools and institutions to acquire internet facilities for development of education.

Google Internet Search

Log on to Google and search for just about anything that exists on the Internet. This site is particularly useful  for  finding educational sites

The Computer Club of Busoga College Mwiri
Visit our Computer Club on the Internet and see what we do with the computers at Mwiri

Yahoo! - The leading Portal for Surfers
Yahoo offers e-mail, a powerful Search Engine and links to a whole lot of internet sites.

MSN - The Microsoft Network
Experience the best of Microsoft. This site offers info on just about everything on the web.

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