Last Year's Exhibition

Depicted below are photos from last year's Open day which took place on ( date).
The Chief Guest was Hon. Francis Ayume, the then Speaker of
Parliament of the Republic of Uganda.
The Exhibitions were held in classrooms, labs and other sites on the college campus.

Physics Department

Nyakairu Paul (in sweater) explains his experiment on electricity to a visitor and fellow students as part of the Physics Department Exhibition

Geography Department

Ruzindana Kennedy S4 ( 2000) discussing the finer points of the Eart and Solar System with Mr. Ogweeze a Physics teacher during the Geography Department Exhibition

Biology Department

Iga Robert ( right) explains his Biology experiment to a visitor in the Biology Lab.
Pictured in the center is Ms. Ndikwani, a teacher of the School

Wildlife Club

(L-R) Nakhaima E. , Mananu W. and an 'A' level student
discussing more on cultural and
traditional aspects during the as part of the Wildlife Club's

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