Business Education department at Mwiri consists of  three subjects :

  • Principles of Accounts
  • Commerce
  • Typing
These subjects are only offered in O'Level and they are optional.
Much as Commerce is optional, it is popular in Mwiri, meaning many students offer it.
Typing starts in S.3 while Commerce and Principles of Accounts starts in S.1.
The objectives of teaching business Education subjects include:
  • The knowledge of Commerce helps to explain why prices rise and fall.
  • It teaches us to understand important developments in the world of
  • business.
  • It enables us to acquire basic skills necessary for employment.
  • Business Education knowledge is essential in that it provides a
     foundation for further training.

  • It makes us aware of the role played by Government protecting
  • It teaches us more about how goods and services are made available.
  • It enables one aware make best use of services like banking.
  • It enables us to keep proper records which may be needed for future
      information, and setting disputes.   
  • It teaches us to account for money so as to minimise frauds and

  1. Miss Namyeka Hanah.
  2. Mr.  Bazibu M. Richard.
  3. Miss Kabonesa Evelyn.
  4. Miss Kisakye K. Esther.

Miss Hanah Namyeka
Head of Department.

Contact: 256-043-120216,
              256-77-662 925

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