The Technical Department includes three optional subjects :
a). Metalwork code number 742 for O'Level.
b). Technical Drawing :

  • Geometrical and Mechanical Drawing code number 735 and 710 for 'O'and 'A' Levels respectively.
  • Geometrical and Building Drawing code number 720 for A'Levels.

In O'levl Metalwork is taught to one stream, Technical Drawing to two
streams . At end of Senior Two, students may choose to continue with the Technical subjects.
In 'A'level some PCM/PEM students take Technical Drawing as the fourth principal .


Metalwork facilities can handle fifteen (15) students ,while for Technical Drawing can handle at least forty (40) students .


  • Mr. Muwanika .M.                  -          Workshop attendant .
  • Mr. Namisaano Martin           -          Teacher of S.1 and S.2 .
  • Mr. Kajumba Joseph              -          Teacher of S.5 and S.6 .
  • Mr. Hirya Hamdan (H.O.D)  -          Teacher of S.3 to S.6 .


By Mr.. Hirya Hamdan
Head of Technical Department

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