Busoga College Mwiri
Open Day 2001

A Word  From the Head of The School
It never ceases to amaze me that most parents and people in Uganda hold Busoga College Mwiri in high esteem.
To the old boys, Mwiri is the school which must continue to produce men of substance.
My interaction with Mwiri dates back to my birth and of course has its roots in my days as a student in Nabikamba house from 1961-65.
It is therefore an honour to be back as Headmaster. I accepted this responsibility with humility and pledge to redirect the school to its right path and glory. To this end I have in mind the staff, prefects, parents, and the Board of Governors.
    The mission of the school is to produce educated citizens, who are reliable, dependable and God fearing.
    Our students can only stand to defend their ideas if we maintain a high academic standard .It is my firm belief that academic Excellence cannot be divorced from discipline.
    Our good old school is a token of sacrifice which should be maintained through appreciation.
    I would like to see the school improve tremendously in academic performance, sports and acquire
infrastructure or maintain the existing one to levels which are acceptable.   

KULWA KATONDA N'EGWANGA LYAFFE                                   

                                                                                          David Peter Kintu

Hon Justice Dr. G.W.
Kanyeihamba, Justice of the
Supreme Court of the Republic of Uganda, an Old Boy of the School is this year's Guest of Honour

Hon. Francis Ayume (centre) , last year's Chief Guest in the
Biology Lab with the Head Of
Department Mr. Omara A. L. (left).

What is The Open Day?

The Open Day in Busoga College Mwiri is an occasion when the whole School opens up to the outside world.
Students present their own authentic exhibitions in all the Academic Departments and Clubs for all visitors to see. These Exhibitions are about academic subjects like Physics, Geography, Mathematics, Chemistry and also about other important areas of interest like Wildlife, the Rotary (Interact) Movement, Computing , Music and other fields of life.
These presentations are staged in the classrooms, the Science Labs, the Computer Centre, Music Room, Art Room and many other places around the Quadrangle. You can visit each one of these sites and learn more about what Mwiri has to offer.

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